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Interstate Compact for Juveniles

by Cheryl Cadue last modified Apr 21, 2014 11:50 AM
The compact is an agreement between member states and U.S. territories. This agreement provides the means to safely and legally return children and youth who have left their home state without permission of their parent or guardian and to provide supervision of youth adjudicated for an offense when they and their families relocate to another state.



    Juvenile Services is responsible for the implementation and operation of the compact, which includes working to help ensure that all local agencies and public officials who serve youth in Kansas are aware of and comply with the terms of the compact.

    The compact serves youth experiencing the following:

      • Any child under the age of 18 in Kansas, or the age of majority in their home state, who has run away from his/her parent, guardian or another person or agency entitled to legal custody.
      • Any juvenile subject to court jurisdiction under the Juvenile Offender Code in Kansas, or similar laws of another state, who has absconded from supervision and run to another state, or for whom transfer of supervision to another state may be in the best interests of the youth, family and safety of the public.
      • Any alleged juvenile offender who has escaped to another state to avoid court proceedings in their home state, or whom has escaped from a facility or agency's custody to which he/she has been committed by the court.


    Interstate Commission for Juveniles

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