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Help Page

by David Cook last modified Apr 04, 2014 09:47 AM

What does this site offer

The Kasper (Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository) site enables you to search offenders and determine their status, as well as, their criminal history and more. You can search by entering a property, such as, last name, first name, race, age range, date of birth, social security number, and KDOC number.

When there is a perfect and single match, the record of the individual will appear on the screen. Otherwise, a list of names will show, from which you can select an individual. If no match is found, you will see a message indicating so. In addition, you can search absconders - both parole and community corrections classes.

Input and Output

The search input fields are:
1) Last Name. You may enter a full name or just a partial name. For example, enter Smith to search for all offenders with a last name Smith. Enter just Sm and you will get Small, Smith, etc.

You can use lower case, upper case, or a mixed entry. For example, entering Smith, smith, SMITH, SMiTh, etc. results in the same search.

2) First Name. The same rules apply here as for the Last Name.

3a) Aliases. You can select to search with aliases by choosing "yes". Usually, you will get more results this way. The default is "no", providing a shorter list faster.

3b) Display Thumbnail Photos. We are now displaying thumbnail pictures on offenders' lists. This enables you to preview the photographs, when available. A red "X" means that a thumbnail picture is unavailable. There will be occasions when a thumbnail is unavailable, yet a full size picture is available. In order to open an individual offender's record you may click on the name (as done before) or on the thumbnail. You may also select to turn this feature off, but clicking on the "No" radio button "Display Thumbnail Photos" on the main search page.

4) Race. You can select a specific race, or all.

5) Gender. If you know the offender's gender you can specify it, and reduce the number of results.

6) Date of Birth (DOB). You can specify a date in the format MM/DD/YYYY, such as 11/25/1976. If you enter this field alone, you will get a list of all offenders born on the date entered.

7) Age Range, e.g., 25 to 30 will results in a list of offenders whose age is in that range. For a specific age, enter start only, e.g., 20. You get a list of all 20 years old offenders.

8) Social Security Numbers (SSN),  KDOC numbers, and State ID (KBI) numbers take precedence over any other input.


9) The Parole Supervision County menu enables you to search by that criterion. You can enter partial information, such as, name together with a county name. You can also run a global search for all entries pertaining to a specific county. In the pull-down menu you can scroll down to a specific county, and click on it. You can also enter the first letter of the county name, which will take you to the first county which begins with that letter. This option can make the selection of a county easier.

10) CC Supervision Location pertains to Community Corrections "administrative locations". That search is similar to (9).

11) Facility selection will limit the results to those offenders residing in the selected facility. This search applied to inmates, of course.

12) When you press on the Absconders links, either Parole or Community-Corrections (CC), you will get the corresponding lists of offenders. Both CC and Parole searches offer a pull-down menu, which enables you to select "ALL" and get a full list of all CC or Parole absconders. Alternatively,  you can select CC absconders based on a location (administrative unit), and Parole absconders based on their last supervision agency or facility. Again, you can scroll down to a specific location, or enter the first letter of the location, which will take you to the first location that begins with that letter, making the search faster.

Press the [Search] button to start the search with the information you have entered.

Press the [Reset] button to clear all fields and start a new search.

Click on the offender's picture (if shown) to enlarge it. Also, when you place the mouse over the picture, a small menu bar opens offering you to save the picture, print it, and e-mail it.

Please note that some information, such as, weight (or even height) often changes in time. Therefore, such values might no longer match exactly the current demographics of a person. Some other attributes, such as , hair color can change by using hair dye, or  due to baldness. Even eye color can be changed by using contact lenses. In addition, some attributes are quite subjective, depending on the observer. The latter include height, weight, hair, eye, and skin colors, etc.   

Lists of offenders include thumbnail pictures - a feature that can be turned on (default) or off. You can click on an offender's name or thumbnail picture to get the individual offender's data. You can open a number of individual pages for different offenders, or for the very same offender. You can use [Alt][Esc] to navigate from page to page, or use the mouse to click on a page at the task bar (lower edge) that you want top bring up.
Close any open page that you no longer need, by pressing the "X" at the upper right. 

A Failed Search

Sometimes, after conducting a search you will see a message "If There is Data Below ...". If any names are specified, you could either type or cut-and-paste the first name and the last name in the boxes provided, and continue the search.  Please make sure that you enter the correct information into the boxes.

Additional Notes

1. The number of "conviction counts" is altogether omitted from the Convictions table if we do not have that information. If the "counts" column is not shown in the Conviction table, it should be assumed that there was at least one count for each conviction shown. Further information can be obtained upon request (see contact information below). When information for the conviction counts is available to us, it is displayed under "Counts".


There are a number of links, which require a single click in order to open the "help" (this) page, the "news" page (informing you about enhancements made to this site), and for visiting other sites. The "Criminal Justice" links are offered for those who wish to visit various law enforcement and corrections sites, both within the State of Kansas and out of state. The accuracy of the information in the links is not guaranteed by the Kansas Department of Corrections. It has been developed by individual agencies. In the event there is any discrepancy in the information provided, please contact the agency of origin.

How to navigate

You are allowed to proceed after reading the disclaimer. Each time you enter a KDOC site you must read the current disclaimer. If you wish to add the KDOC site to your "favorites", please add the disclaimer page from which you can navigate to other pages. This way, you will always review the current version and comply with the requirements. In order to simplify navigation, you have the ability to re-enter the search without confirming the disclaimer for a duration of 8 hours.

From the disclaimer page you can enter the Kasper site, after checking the box below - indicating that you have read the disclaimer. There, you can perform a single search or multiple searches. The Kasper site also offers links to other KDOC sites, including the main page, the victims site, and escapees.

You can select to click on the various links or use your "back" and "forward" buttons offered by your web browser.

When you start the search, the cursor will be places in the first field, last name. You can use the "Tab" key to advance to any desired field. Use the "Shift"-"Tab" keystroke to return to a previous field. You can also place the cursor directly on any field by using the mouse with a left click. Once you have entered the search criteria press "Enter" or click on the "Search" button.

We recommend that you use a screen resolution of 1025 x 768 or higher, but lower resolutions are allowed. Also, it is recommended that use a full-screen mode - click on the square box on the upper right corner, next to the 'X'. Finally, It is necessary that you do not disable cookies.


We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, preferably Version 6 with Service Pack 2, or higher. We are also trying to verify that the web pages work fine with Mozilla Firefox, Version 1.5 or above. If you are using browsers other than IE, you might find that the information is displayed differently. If you experience difficulties with your browser when you visit our site, please provide a detailed description of your system, browser, and the problem. Thank you.


In order to print offender pages with no overlapping of tables and picture, you may want to print in landscape mode. Alternatively, reduce the margins of the page (using "File, Page-Setup"), so that all the data fits.


You can save offender information as an XML document. Once you click on the "XML Document" button, the XML document will open. You may find it best to save it as a "txt" file, and then rename it with an "xml" extension. If you save it as "xml" the first time, your browser might add a prolog that you will need to remove.

The XML schema for offender documents can be acquired by pressing the "XML Schema" button. It will open as a "txt" file, and you can save it as a "xsd" file. You need to make sure that the reference to that schema in the XML document matches both the name you give it (unless you leave the name offender_schema.xsd) and the location (we use C:XML_Offender as the destination).

Contact Information

All complaints regarding the accuracy of information returned by this search should be submitted, in writing, to the Kansas Department of Corrections c/o Public Information Officer, 714 SW Jackson, Suite 300, Topeka, Kansas 66603, or via email to

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