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2003 SB123 Agency Approval Requirements

by Gert Cozadd last modified Jan 09, 2018 03:50 PM
To be an approved provider for 2003-SB123, there are several requirements.

Getting Approved

Agencies must submit an Implementation Plan detailing the integration of cognitive concepts into 2003-SB123 client treatment to the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) to be considered for approval.  This plan must include all relevant documentation, cognitive tools and clear identification of which modalities the agencies desire to provide (refer to Approved Treatment Modalities and Cost Caps for Operations Manual).  This plan constitutes agreement on the agency's part to follow cognitive treatment as described.

Approved agencies opening new locations or operating multiple locations must submit an Implementation Plan for EACH location to KDOC.  This may be the same plan with different addresses but KDOC must have a plan on file for all agency locations providing treatment.

Agencies adding new modalities to treatment must request, via a plan addendum, modality additions from KDOC.  Approval of modality additions must occur before the agency accepts 2003-SB123 clients.  This addendum may be as simple as a letter (additions of Assessment, Drug Alcohol Education) or as complex as the original plan (addition of substantially different treatment modalities).

Agencies may choose to change the cognitive components of their treatment program for 2003-SB123 clients if they submit plan addendums to KDOC for approval.  This addendum must be submitted and approved prior to implementation of changes.

Submission of an Implementation Plan does NOT guarantee approval to provide treatment under 2003-SB123.  2003-SB123 Staff Development personnel may have questions regarding your plan.  The approval process may be swift or as lengthy as several months, depending on the detail provided in your plan and your response to questions.  Agencies not responding to Implementation Plan questions posed by KDOC personnel will not be approved.

Approval of an Implementation Plan does NOT guarantee referrals--treatment agencies are responsible to contact Community Corrections agencies to secure client referrals.  Community Corrections has discretion regarding referrals.  KDOC is not involved in client referral processes.

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