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Committee Meeting: August 19, 2013

by Matthew last modified Aug 06, 2014 03:47 PM

Kansas State Council for Interstate Adult Offender

Supervision Committee Meeting

Aug 19, 2013     1pm

Kansas Department of Corrections

Main Conference Room

Committee members in attendance: Kathleen Graves; Steven Karrer, Chris Mechler, Senator David Haley, Representative Gail Finney, Representative John Barker, Caleb Stegall, Jonathan Ogletree, Norbert Marek, Dorothy Stucky-Halley, Tyler Garretson

 Others in attendance: Matthew Billinger, Jeannie Wark and Amber Reynolds

 Chris Mechler called the meeting to order at 1:13 pm with nine members present at this time.

  • Approved for Amber Reynolds to take the minutes of this meeting.
  • Motion was made by Representative John Barker to approve minutes from the May 29, 2013 meeting      
    • Dorothy Stucky-Halley seconded the approval
    • All committee members voted to approve the minutes


  • Corrective Action Plan
    • Kathleen Graves presented the draft proposal of the Kansas Interstate Compact Corrective
    • Motion was made by Steven Karrer to accept the draft Corrective Action Plan
    • -Seconded by Caleb Stegall. Unanimously approved
    • Chris Mechler requested approval from the committee to approve a sub-committee of herself, Kathleen Graves, Matt Billinger, and Jeannie Wark
      • -Motion made by Representative John Barker
      • -seconded by Dorothy Stucky Halley. Unanimously approved
      • -Sub-committee will be called Corrective Action Plan Sub-Committee.
      • Chris Mechler made a motion for Commissioner Kathleen, at the National Meeting, to vote yes/no/abstain as she sees fit
        • Representative Finney seconded
        • Unanimously approved
        • Open discussion about various rule change proposals.

New Business

  • Caleb Stegall advised that ICOTS does not have its own line item in KDOC budget but is included in the parole services section.
    • Topic to added to agenda at next meeting
    • Next meeting will be held Friday October 4, 2014 at 1pm at Kansas Department of Corrections in the Main Conference Room
    • Motion by Chris Mechler to adjourn meeting
      • -Seconded by Steven Karrer
      • -Meeting adjourned at 2:58 pm.

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