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Committee Meeting: October 4, 2013

by Matthew last modified Aug 06, 2014 03:48 PM

Kansas State Council for Interstate Adult Offender

Supervision Committee Meeting

Oct 4th, 2013     1pm

Kansas Department of Corrections

Main Conference Room

Committee members in attendance: Kathleen Graves, Steven Karrer(phone), Chris Mechler, Representative John Barker, Jonathan Ogletree, and Norbert Marek.

 Others in attendance: Matthew Billinger, Jeannie Wark, Amber Fuller, Fred Phelps Jr and Kimberly Marotta

  •  Chris Mechler called the meeting to order at 1:13 pm with nine members present at this time.
  • Approval of last meetings minutes
    • Minutes could not be approved due to not enough members present
    • Establish who will be recording the minutes
      • Amber Fuller took minutes of the meeting
      • Old Business
      • Update from the Corrective Action Plan Sub-Committee
        • Kathleen advised that she had yet to receive a formal response on the Action plan
          • Reimbursement owed to the National Commission. $2,000.00
          • Kathleen Graves advised that we were responsible in paying the fee of $2000.00
          • Discussion of Kansas Compact Operations
            • Fiscal/Budget
            • By Laws for Committee
            • Dispute Resolution Process
            • New Business

  • Discussion on the rule changes that were approved at National Meeting

  • Adjourn
    • Motion made by Representative John Barker
    • 2nd by Norbert Marek. Unanimously passed.
    • Meeting adjourned at 1:42 pm

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