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Private Industries

by Deb Moss last modified Mar 07, 2017 01:22 PM


More than two dozen private companies currently employ more than 800 inmates from each of Kansas’ eight correctional facilities. Your company may be able to benefit by adding correctional industries to your business plan.

Private correctional industries are public-private partnerships in or near correctional facilities that provide real-world employment experience to prison inmates. Private-sector companies contract with correctional industries to help meet the labor needs of business and industry through apprenticeships and work programs. Offenders develop marketable job skills and a work ethic that will help prepare them to return to our communities.

These partnerships provide reliable workers who value gainful employment. The employment opportunities reduce idle time for inmates, support prison safety and provide the offender with wages to reimburse victims, pay child support and court costs. With an earned wage, inmates are required to pay a 25 percent fee for room and board costs that are repaid to the state's general fund. Ten percent of the inmate’s wage is placed in a mandatory savings account that is available only when they are released. Through these programs, inmates are learning to become accountable for their incarceration as well as learning to become more productive individuals.

Benefits to Private Sector

  • Access to a dependable, productive work force
  • Reasonable wage scale
  • Tax benefits
  • Produce quality, cost-effective products
  • Strengthen local and state economies
  • Save taxpayers' money
  • Facilitate successful offender reentry
  • Enhance public safety by reducing crime

For more information about how correctional industries can help meet your workforce needs, contact Kansas Correctional Industries (KCI) by e-mail or by phone at (913) 727-3249 Ext. 57561.

To learn more about KCI's products and services, visit KCI's website by clicking here.

For more information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce, download the WOTC Overview Brochure.

Current HCF Private Industries:

  • Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. – South Unit
  • D&M Auto Salvage – South Unit
  • Electrex - East Unit
  • HUBCO - East Unit
  • Seat King – Central Unit
  • WIFCO Steel Products, Inc. – South Unit

Kansas Correctional Industries onsite:

  • Office Systems - Central Unit
  • Sewing - Central Unit
  • Wild Mustang Project - South Unit
  • Furniture Refurbishing - East Unit
  • Lamination - East Unit


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