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Runaway Information Form

Kansas Interstate Compact for Juveniles- Runaway Information Form

Please complete and submit this online form to report out-of-state juveniles found in Kansas and/or to report Kansas juveniles found in another state. Upon receipt, the Kansas Interstate Compact for Juveniles Office (KS-ICJ) will coordinate with the other state involved and with local staff, for a successful return of the juvenile, back to their home/demanding state. When the runaway juvenile is from Kansas, KS-ICJ facilitates the process for return to Kansas.

Contact Information Please provide your contact information in the fields below.
Please enter todays date
/ /   :
Youth Information Please provide information about the youth runaway.
Parent or Guardian Information Please provide contact information for the parent or guardian.

Please submit the following documentation, if available:

  • Police Report
  • Intake Report
  • Warrant/Pick up order
  • NCIC Hit

Complete information helps with the process for a successful return to the home/demanding state in a timely manner.

Submit to the Kansas Interstate Compact Office at