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Kansas Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision (KCIJS)

by Cheryl Cadue last modified Dec 13, 2017 09:45 AM

The Kansas Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision (KCIJS) is responsible for overseeing and administering the state's participation in the interstate compact for Juveniles and develops policies concerning the operations and procedures of the compact within the state.

(KCIJS) Members:

Randy Bowman, Kansas Department of Corrections, Deputy Secretary of Juvenile Services

Vice Chair:
Hon. Delia M. York, District Court Judge (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Designee)

Compact Administrator/Kansas (KCIJS) Commissioner:
Jeff Cowger, Kansas Department of Corrections, Legal Counsel

State Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook (President of the Senate Designee)

State Rep.  J. Russell Jennings (Speaker of the House Designee)

Deputy District Attorney:
Ron Paschal (Attorney General Designee)

Director of Victim Services:
Dorothy Halley (Attorney General Designee – Crime Victim Representative)

Ex Officio Members:
Kathy Armstrong, Kansas Department for Children and Families
Chris Mechler, Office of Judicial Administration
Liz Wilson, Kansas Department of Corrections, ICJ Specialist

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