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Winfield Correctional Facility Employee Receives Pin for 40 Years of Service

by KDOC News — last modified May 11, 2018 10:54 AM
Winfield Correctional Facility (WCF) employee Pat Murphy was honored at the Statehouse in Topeka on Friday, Sept. 22, for having served the State for 40 years. Murphy has been employed, first at Winfield State Hospital and then at the correctional facility, since August 1976.

Governor Sam Brownback awarded official service pins celebrating the longevity of each honoree who completed either 40 or 50 years of service during the past fiscal year. Murphy met Brownback and Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) Secretary Joe Norwood, who thanked him for his service to the State. 

“The Department of Corrections is privileged to have people like Pat who have served the state faithfully for many years,” Norwood said. “Pat has served the State in many capacities, including at the state hospital in Winfield, and thus he has a very diverse skill set that is valued by our agency and by the State.”

Murphy is currently a facilities maintenance supervisor at WCF. He began work at WCF in June 1997, where he has also served as a corrections officer and power plant facilities specialist.

Prior to joining KDOC, Murphy worked for more than 20 years at the Winfield State Hospital until it closed in 1997.

“I’ve always enjoyed trying to make things better for people,” Murphy said following the ceremony in Topeka. “I’ve liked all the people I’ve worked with. At both facilities and both agencies, I’ve made a lot of great relationships.”

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