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Department Based Resources

by David Cook last modified Apr 09, 2018 10:44 AM

Family Transition Class

The Family Transition Class is offered to incarcerated individuals who will be releasing to a family member or who have had difficulties with family members in the past.  Each of the six (6) sessions addresses a topic relating to family reintegration.  The objective of the Family Transition Class is to assist participants in transiting back to their families upon their release.  A main focus of each session is to provide the participants with an understanding of the balance between the expectations of their family members upon their release and the participant’s expectations.  Upon completion of the class, participants should be able to identify how to appropriately balance the wants and needs of their family with their own wants and needs.  Following the completion of the Family Transition Class participants are eligible to participate in a Family Workshop.  A Family Workshop is a meeting held at the facility.  Facility staff, family members and the inmate will be encouraged to attend the Family Workshop to discuss family concerns. 

Family Workshop

A Family Workshop is a meeting held at the facility and includes the inmate and their family.  The Family Workshop provides an opportunity to discuss expectations and/or concerns the inmate or family member(s) have prior to release. 

InsideOut Dad Parenting Curriculum

The National Fatherhood Initiative developed the InsideOut Dad in 2005 to address a gap in quality fatherhood programs with proven effectiveness that help incarcerated fathers to become better dads while on the inside and, for those fathers who will be released, that help continue their growth as dads when they return to communities.  The program is based on the philosophy that supports the growth and development of fathers and children as caring, compassionate people who treat themselves, others and the environment with respect and dignity. 

Parenting Inside Out Parenting Curriculum

Parenting Inside Out  is a parenting curriculum developed specifically for incarcerated and/or criminal justice involved parents.  It is based on the best practices Parent Management Training program for at-risk families, but addresses the unique situation and issues of criminal justice inolved parents and accommodates different institutional teaching environments. 

Active Parenting Now

The Active Parenting Now curriculum was developed by Dr. Michael Popkin.  It shows parents how to develop courage, responsibility and character in their children.  It also explains positive discipline and communication techniques that help families run more smoothly. 

Active Parenting Now curriculum is currently taught at the Topeka Correctional Facility.   

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