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2003 Senate Bill 123: An Alternative Sentencing Policy

by David Cook last modified Apr 26, 2012 10:26 AM


What is 2003-SB123?

The purpose of the 2003 SB 123 is to provide community supervision and drug treatment to offenders with drug abuse problems in order to reserve correctional facility capacity for more serious, violent offenders.  To find out more about 2003-SB123 and agency requirements for treatment provision, click here.

SB123 Program Information and Updates

2003 SB123 program updates are available from the Kansas Sentencing Commission (KSC).  The KSC website includes Quarterly Conference Reports and a variety of supplemental material relevant to on-going 2003-SB123 activity.  To access the SB 123 Operations Manual or access additional information you will need to go the Kansas Sentencing Commission’s website or call the commission at (785) 296-0923.

Operations Manual

The 2003-SB123 Operations Manual provides the background of the Senate Bill, the full text of 2003-SB 123, with overview for implementation with chapters regarding Community Corrections and Treatment Providers. The document also provides you with all the required forms that support SB 123.   KSC posts updated forms on itswebsite.

2003 SB 123 Requirements

KDOC Approval

To be eligible to provide SB 123 services, agencies must have an  Implementation Plan approved by Kansas Department of Corrections staff development division on file.    For more information about approval click here.

Cognitive Behavioral Tools Certification

To be eligible to provide SB 123 services, agencies must have counselors certified in the Cognitive-behavioral Tools by Kansas Department of Corrections staff development division.  For more information about training click here.

The cognitive parts of the treatment program must be delivered by a certified counselor who has completed Cognitive-behavioral Tools Certification Training.

Program Licensure

Before a substance abuse treatment agency can be approved for 2003-SB 123 services KDOC confirms with SRS/AAPS that the agency is licensed to provide the service modalities for which they are requesting approval.

For additional information about SRS licensure, you may contact SRS at 785-296-6807 or access SRS’ AAPS website at

Counselor Certification

KDOC confirms each applicant’s counselor certification status with the Kansas Alcohol and Addictions Professional (KAAP).  KAAP may be reached at (800) 880-2352 or by email at

SB 123 Approved Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Approved 2003-SB123 Treatment Providers.

This spreadsheet provides you with a listing of substance abuse treatment providers who have been approved by KDOC to provide services to SB 123 clients. If you have any questions regarding the information contained herein, please feel free to contact Kevin Smith at or by phone at 785-291-3192.


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