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Juvenile Services

by Nancy Burghart last modified Jul 18, 2023 03:24 PM
Individuals as young as ten years of age and as old as 17 years of age may be adjudicated as juvenile offenders in Kansas. State law allows the KDOC to retain custody of a juvenile offender until the age of 22 ½ in a juvenile correctional facility and the age of 23 in the community.

A Safer Kansas Through Effective Correctional Services

 Juvenile Services


Megan Milner

Deputy Secretary of Juvenile & Adult Community-Based Services


Phone: (785) 746-7456
Fax: (785) 596-6080

Kansas Department of Corrections
ATTN: Juvenile Community-Based Services
714 S.W. Jackson St., Suite 300
Topeka, KS 66603


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