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Treatment Provider Certification Process

by Marie McNeal last modified Jul 31, 2019 09:13 AM

Initial Certification

  1. Submit a completed Implementation Plan to KDOC for EACH location where SB123 services will be offered. These may be the same or different plans however, KDOC must have a plan on file for each location as they are certified independently.

  2. KDOC will provide notification and an Approval Packet once tentative approval of  the Implementation Plan has been determined.

  3. Final approval and certification by KDOC will be contingent upon the treatment provider completing the documentation in the Approval Packet and returning it to KDOC.
  4. Once all required documentation is received by KDOC, the treatment provider will be notified in writing of final approval. Their name and approved location(s) will be added to the official list of certified providers and notification of their addition will be sent to Community Corrections agencies, the Kansas Sentencing Commission and Beacon Health Options, Inc.

Note:  Approval of an Implementation Plan does not guarantee referrals as KDOC is not involved in the client referral process.  Treatment Providers are responsible for contacting Community Corrections agencies to form working relationships and secure referrals.  Community Corrections agencies have discretion regarding referrals. 

Modifications after Initial Certification

  1. Adding additional location(s) or moving a previously approved location.
    • Submit an Implementation Plan for the new location(s). This may be the same plan as previously approved as long as the address and contact information have been appropriately updated.
  2. Implementing Additional Treatment Modalities
    • Submit an Implementation Plan Addendum to KDOC and receive approval before implementing any new modality.
    • This addendum may be as simple as a letter (additions of Assessment, Drug Education Services) or as complex as the original plan (addition of substantially different modalities).
  3. Changing Cognitive Behavioral Intervention curriculum
    • Submit an Implementation Plan Addendum to KDOC and receive approval before any new curriculum is implemented.
    • Proof of counselor certification in the new curriculum must be submitted with the addendum.

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