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Ellsworth inmates raise money for local high school marching band

by KDOC News — last modified Mar 29, 2018 10:29 AM
The Ellsworth Junior/Senior High School marching band performed recently at Ellsworth Correctional Facility (ECF) to thank an inmate group for its $2,000 contribution for new band uniforms.

(Courtesy of the Ellsworth County Independent-Reporter)

Twenty-one Ellsworth marching band members held a 20-minute performance following a presentation of the $2,000 check fom ECF's Post Rock Jaycees, which is currently made up of 75 inmates.

The chapter raised the funds by offering various items from approved vendors (Dillon’s, Gen’s BBQ, Gambino’s Pizza) to purchase every month.

Annually, the organization donates money to the local Boys and Girls Club, Ellsworth County Medical Center's Camp Med, Ellsworth Fire Department, Ellsworth Easter Egg Hunt, Family Connections, Ellsworth Food Bank, Ellsworth Child Care & Learning Center, Ellsworth County Cancer Fund and After Prom Projects in the area.

The group also hands out an annual Distinguished Service Award to an organization for community service. Last year, both the Ellsworth Head Start Program and Ellsworth County Food Bank received $1,000. By donating to the Head Start Program, pre-kindergarten children were able to receive materials needed to ensure they have a successful learning career. The Ellsworth County Food Bank donates food to low-income families in need of extra assistance.

In recent years, the chapter has a gained greater amount of support by the inmate population which, in turn, has allowed ECF to make larger donations.

Since July 2017, the Post Rock Jaycees chapter has donated a total of $17,762.50 including $5,000 to the Ellsworth County Historical Society.


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