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KDOC 2018 Employees and Volunteers of the Year Announced

by KDOC News — last modified Jul 09, 2018 01:28 PM
Governor Jeff Colyer and Corrections Secretary Joe Norwood announced the Kansas Department of Corrections’ (KDOC) 2018 Employees and Volunteers of the Year during a ceremony held recently at the Kansas Statehouse.
KDOC 2018 Employees and Volunteers of the Year Announced

Gov. Jeff Colyer and Corrections Secretary Joe Norwood with the 2018 KDOC Uniformed Employee of the Year Ryan McCorkle.

The KDOC honored employees in its uniformed, non-uniformed and contract divisions. The KDOC also recognized two recipients posthumously for the Volunteer of the Year Award Monday. Kansas Senator Molly Baumgardner, R-Louisburg, addressed the 47 finalists for the awards during a luncheon following the ceremony.

“Every single day you get up, you get dressed and you go report for duty or you report to volunteer, Baumgardner said. “You have to do the right thing all the time – every time. There are very few situations where that’s true, but you live that every single day.”

Baumgardner, who is the chair of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight, said KDOC employees work to improve Kansas every day. Baumgardner, who called the KDOC the state’s largest mental health provider, said the KDOC also houses the largest population of Kansans who are lagging in reading ability and who grew up in an environment surrounded by poverty, abuse and addiction.

“Your efforts, your commitment to professionalism, your service to our state provides an essential step forward improving our communities,” Baumgardner said. “In my mind, each of you here today represent a force of good in our state. I want you to know that your safety – your personal and professional wellbeing is my top priority and concern.”

The following were selected as the KDOC’s 2018 Employees or Volunteers of the Year:

  • Uniformed Employee of the Year
    Ryan McCorkle
    Corrections Officer I
    Hutchinson Correctional Facility
  • Non-uniformed Employee of the Year
    Meghan Davis
    Unit Team Manager
    Topeka Correctional Facility
  • Contract Employee of the Year
    Nicole R. Serpan
    Career Advisor, Barton Community College
    Ellsworth Correctional Facility
  • Volunteers of the Year
    Carla Rene Polson and Gerald Allen Baxter
    Lansing Correctional Facility

The KDOC’s Volunteer of the Year Award will now be named the Carla Rene Polson & Gerald Allen Baxter Volunteer of the Year Award.

  • Community Corrections Recipients
    Lori Gibbs, Sedgwick County Community Corrections (Adult)
    Jimmy Zirkle, 3rd Judicial District – Shawnee County Community Corrections (Juvenile)
  • KDOC Office of Victim Services’ Champion of Justice
    Joseph Phillips
    Lansing Correctional Facility

The finalists by facility were:

Facility Uniformed Non-Uniformed Contract Volunteer
Central Office Doug Ford
Ellsworth Tom Brown Vickie Haun Nicole Serpan Steven LeClerc
El Dorado Kurtis Grimmett Jarris Perkins Tessa Moody John F. (Floyd) Zuercher
Hutchinson Ryan McCorkle Markus Dawes Arthur Schoen Ron Claussen
Kansas Correctional Industries Eva Schneider
Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex Brandon Lee Jeff Henry Mary McDonald
Lansing John Thomas Kevin Rogers Rachel Hollingshead Carla Rene Polson and
Gerald Allen Baxter
Larned William Travnick Richard Lile Christine DiRubbo Kathleen Kasmaier
Norton Vicky Gallentine Sara Collins Angie Chisham Sharon Leiker
Northern Parole Region Tim Murdock Nicolette Zeller Connee Hays
Southern Parole Region Cassandra Vogel Jeff Higman Jody Farquhar
Topeka Alfred Schimmel Meghan Davis Latrice Simms Frank Werder
Winfield Terrence Stephens Jay Huston Craig Senn Billie Bridgers



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