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Shelley Knowles, 2022 Champion of Justice Award Winner

by David Thompson last modified Oct 11, 2022 01:38 PM
KDOC's Office of Victim Services recognizes an individual each year who works diligently for the safety of crime victims, or public safety in general, while supporting offender success. That recognition is given as the Champion of Justice Award. This year's winner is Shelley Knowles, a Unit Team Manager at Lansing Correctional Facility.

Every year, the Office of Victim Services seeks to recognize individuals within the Kansas Department of Corrections who work diligently for the safety of crime victims, or public safety in general, while supporting offender success.

Years ago, we created an award called the Champion of Justice and it goes to individuals who provided significant help on a particular case, for creating and implementing a process that has been significant or someone who has demonstrated a consistent commitment to victim safety and success.

Nominations for this award come from victim services staff who recognize a significant contribution towards the safety of crime victims. Of those who are nominated, four people are selected as finalists with one receiving the overall yearly award.

In 2022, we are pleased and honored to announce that Shelley Knowles, a Unit Team Manager at Lansing Correctional Facility, has been selected as this year’s overall Champion of Justice.

How she was nominated:

“Shelley has always been a go-to person for any questions that I have. She will always take the time to answer and explain any questions. And, if she doesn’t have the answers, she will dig until she comes up with them. When Shelley first started her career at KDOC, she came into my office asking to learn about all she could about victim safety. She recognized the balance between helping residents to succeed, but also ensuring victim safety in the process. Since then, Shelley has held several positions at LCF and in each one, she has shown determination to learn every aspect and detail that she can AND she believes in passing that onto others. She takes the time to train her fellow employees with a positive attitude and has always sent her new employees to train one on one with this VSL. She always tells you to come back with any additional questions. She is beyond awesome in her new role in the Athena development. Her enthusiasm showed in her Zoom meeting with OVS to train our staff…but zoom only shows a portion of the spirit of Shelley. When it comes to the key components of the Pathway for Success…Shelley truly shines. And if you ever get a chance to hear her laughter in the hallways at LCF, it will automatically brighten your day.”

“Shelley has been the most incredibly helpful point person for all of the Athena transition. The time she has taken to learn the system and then teach it to everyone else is above and beyond. She meets all of the Pathways to Success by investing in individuals, creating a positive environment for change, enhancing and maximizing communication by her contact with everyone around the project, she’s kind and respectful and always engaging and strengthening our partnerships. I’m sure anyone who has any contact with Athena at all has worked with Shelley and her contributions to the overall success, and that of victim services is huge. She absolutely deserves to be recognized as a Champion of Justice, for helping to ensure information delivery and the build of our new victim system is accurate and beneficial to all those we serve.”

Pictured with Shelley are: 

Left to Right:  Denise Haugen-OVS; Kaitlyn Madden-OVS, Shelley Knowles-recipient of the Champion of Justice Award; Danielle Thompson-OVS; and Ryan Reece-DWP.

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