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Support and Dedication a Key to Success

by Rebecca Witte last modified Aug 27, 2020 02:30 PM
When Glendale was released from prison, he was quickly swept up by old habits and old acquaintances. He started using drugs again and ended up in jail for 30 days. When he released, his first call was to Jera Thompson, KDOC job specialist, who worked with him during his time at HCF. Jera was able to quickly connect him with community resources that could help steer him in the right direction.

He’s had some bumps along the road but has found his passion and is pursuing a career as an addiction counselor. “My job is to show people that they really can recover. Not just from drugs and addiction but from traumatic events and dysfunction. I want to be an example, be present and offer that support to people who can’t seem to find their way out.”

“Most people coming out of prison imagine what the transition will be like, but they have no idea how hard the obstacles are going to be.” His advice? You have to be willing to work hard and do whatever is requested. You can’t put in the same effort and expect your life to change. He has restored family relationships because of the changes he has made and is living the life that he never was able to picture. “I would have never imagined or dreamed that this would be possible for me one day.”

Jera knows the value of the work that she does and how being that support for Glendale helped lead him in the right direction. “Mr. Shaffer has always attributed his many successes to having help on the outside. There were many times I did nothing more than talk him through some very anxious times. He says that encouragement meant everything to him and helped him see himself as a success-something he had never experienced before in his life.” 

We wish you continued success, Glendale, and can’t wait to hear about the many lives you change through your work.

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