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Research Program Benefits

by Carol Pitts last modified Aug 20, 2021 09:47 AM
The benefits of correctional facility work opportunities are well documented. Below is a small sampling of the information currently available for review and consideration.

2021 Presentation by KDOC Secretary Jeff Zmuda: Second Chance Hiring

Jeff Zmuda, Kansas Secretary of Corrections, shares his thoughts on the wide-ranging benefits of "second chance hiring." KDOC residents in our correctional facilities provide a skilled, dependable workforce to solve labor shortages, gaining essential skills they need to be successful post-release.

Second Change Hiring, 2021, presentation by Secretary of Corrections Jeff Zmuda

January 2021 KDOC Program Evaluation Results

In January 2021 an evaluation of the Kansas Correctional Industries (KCI) and KDOC's Private Industry Program was completed by Eric J. Lichtenberger, Ph.D. The study explored the impact on post-release employment and recidivism.

An Evaluation of Kansas Correctional Industries/Private Industries (KCI/PI) Programs, January 2021

Additional Research and Reports

Findings in a 2008 research conducted by the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center found:

  • Eight months after release, only 45 percent of former incarcerated persons were currently employed
  • Most relied upon family and friends for income after release
  • Those who held jobs while in prison and participated in job training programs while incarcerated had better employment outcomes after release


Prison Policy Initiative examined rates of unemployment among formerly incarcerated people finding they are almost five times more likely than the general public to be unemployed, and many who are employed remain relegated to the most insecure jobs. 

Rand Corporation had conducted research on educational needs recognizing that individuals who leave federal and state prisons return to communities where they have to compete with others for jobs. 

“As already noted, according to RAND’s research, inmates who participate in correctional education programs have a 13-percentage-point reduction in their risk of returning to prison; this indicates that every $1 invested in education can reduce future incarceration costs in the near term. More concretely, we estimated that every dollar invested in prison education programs saves taxpayers, on average, between $4 and $5 in three-year reincarceration costs.”

Learn more about Correctional Facility Work Programs

The Second Chance Business Coalition promotes the benefits of second change employment and provides employers with resources to hire and provide career advancement to people with criminal records.

The Prison Post #30 Jeff Korzenik, Author of Untapped Talent

Untapped Talent, Jeff Korzenik

Second Chance Project — Dave's Killer Bread

Google Small Business Stories: Nehemiah Manufacturing Company

Nehemiah Company Culture  

Koch Industries Editorial  Take a chance on second-chance hiring | Washington Examiner

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