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by cherylca last modified May 15, 2023 12:56 PM

As the state’s second largest facility for adult male residents, Hutchinson Correctional Facility (HCF) houses four custody levels: maximum, special management, medium and minimum. At the close of 2013, HCF's capacity was 1,784 residents. These residents are housed in the main-custody compound within the walled portion of the HCF, a minimum-security unit located outside the walls, and a medium-custody unit located slightly more than a mile east of the main facility.  

HCF also houses one of two centers for the KDOC’s transportation system that provides for the movement of residents among the state's correctional facilities.

As with other facilities under the management of the Secretary of Corrections, education, health services and food services are provided through contracts with private vendors.

Because many of HCF's structures were constructed between 1889 and 1912, an emphasis has been placed on rehabilitating and repairing the aging structures.

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