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by cherylca last modified Dec 02, 2014 09:24 AM
The following are programs and services available at Lansing Correctional Facility:

Kansas Correctional Industries

Private Industries

Life Skills Enhancement Program

  • has two components: academic education and vocational training;
  • literacy and the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) programs are provided as well as vocational training programs such as commercial food service and welding; and,
  • includes the employability program, which provides guidance on seeking employment, and is provided to all inmates enrolled in a program.

Therapeutic Community Program

  • began in 1996 in the maximum-security unit under direction of the Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism (DCCCA) of Lawrence;
  • the program’s goal is to create a positive peer culture and facilitate overall lifestyle changes;
  • each inmate in the program is expected to leave the primary treatment program having acquired basic recovery skills;
  • inmates assigned to this program are in the therapeutic community 24 hours a day; and,
  • the inmate will remain in the program for 9 - 12 months depending on the needs of each individual inmate.

Sex Offenders Treatment Program (SOTP) Program

  • treatment for the male sex offenders;
  • the program is 20 hours per week for 18 months and is contracted through DCCCA of Lawrence;
  • the program’s goal is to habilitate inmates toward emotional health and successful transition back into the community; and,
  • the program provides psycho-educational classes with group therapy and individual sessions.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • a staff of ten inmate employees and two staff equipment mechanics oversee the care of more than 100 vehicles, and
  • maintenance includes everything from washing the vehicles to major overhauls and body work. Department employees are responsible for a large inventory of parts, supplies, and equipment.

Chaplaincy Department

  • oversees coordinating inmate religious support and coordinating volunteer services;
  • religious support is provided to a variety of faith groups which include many Christian denominations, Jewish, Islamic, Moorish Science, Native American, Bhuddist, Asatru, Thelemic and Wiccan faith groups;
  • coordinates special holiday events that support LCF inmates and their families; and,
  • relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to assist in addressing inmate religious and activities needs.


Activities Support

  • includes variety of inmate activities including individual health and fitness activities, arts and crafts, music groups and inmate self-improvement groups, and
  • normally led by volunteers from the greater Kansas City area, inmate groups meet a diverse array of inmate interests and needs, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, African Awareness, El Chicano (Hispanic awareness), Jaycees, Lifer's Club and several other organizations.


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