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Mentoring Juvenile Residents in Kansas

by Nancy Burghart last modified Jun 27, 2023 12:18 PM
Contributors: Ken Davis, Andrea Juarez

Mentoring Juvenile Residents in Kansas

Mentoring is a key component to reducing recidivism and
making safer communities in Kansas

Mentoring 4 Success (M4S) is a statewide community-based initiative.  M4S delivers mentoring services to help residents safely and successfully return to their home communities once their incarceration term is complete. Mentors assist residents with successfully completing community supervision.

Many juvenile residents throughout the state of Kansas are actively involved in the juvenile justice system. Many of the residents need help finding employment, enrolling in education, locating resources for mental and behavioral health along with treatment and identifying other community resources. M4S has proven to assist our residents in these areas. Mentors are instrumental in helping residents establish a life of pro-social activities and meaningful engagements within their communities.

Our goal is to ensure that every resident involved in the juvenile justice system can work with a mentor. M4S mentors are trained and matched  to a carefully selected resident based on one year to six month post release and the residents genuine interest of participating in the program and promoting change within themself. M4S matches are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure the most effective mentoring practices are utilized. Mentors are guided by community service organizations and work closely with the Department of Corrections Juvenile and Adult Community-Based Services.

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