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Improved Classification System 2023

by David Thompson last modified Sep 28, 2023 08:25 AM
New classification guidelines handed down by the National Institute of Corrections are changing the way incarcerated residents in Kansas are doing their time. A resident's gradual integration back into society depends on behavior and programming as they step down in custody levels which determines their risk. KDOC Classification staff members have worked tirelessly this past summer as they help implement the new guidelines for custody.

KDOC Unit Managers and Corrections Counselors started work this past summer as they helped to reclassify our residents under the new guidelines of the National Institute of Corrections. The work is vital not only to support daily management and administration, but also to keep the system responsive to changing demographics, sentencing statutes, and KDOC policies that create an environment for change and well-being. See how these changes are impacting our residents as PIO David Thompson reports.

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