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Crossover Youth Practice Model

by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jun 15, 2022 11:35 AM

About the Crossover Youth Practice Model from Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform
Recognizing the need for early identification and intervention of youth and families crossing over between the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, the Kansas Department of Corrections – Juvenile Services (KDOC-JS) entered into a contract with Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR) to implement the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM). KDOC-JS has partnered with the Department for Children and Families (DCF) and the Office of Judicial Administration (OJA) on CYPM implementation in two Kansas pilot sites, with goals of expanding the work to other areas of the state.

“In 2010, CJJR developed the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) to address the unique needs of youth that are at risk of or are fluctuating between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. These youth are commonly referred to as “crossover youth.”

To view the Kansas Department for Children and Families' Crossover Youth information, click here

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The Crossover Youth Practice Model is a nexus between research and best practices that outlines systemic changes youth serving systems can make to improve their ability to serve youth.

The CYPM has four overarching goals:

  1. Reduction in the number of youth crossing over and becoming dually-involved;
  2. Reduction in the number of youth placed in out-of-home care;
  3. Reduction in the use of congregate care; and
  4. Reduction in the disproportionate representation of youth of color, particularly in the crossover population”

(Excerpt from

To learn more about the CYPM, please visit Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at

CYPM State Policy Group Members
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Upcoming Meetings
The CYPM State Policy Group meets the last Wednesday of every month.

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