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by Nancy Burghart — last modified Feb 28, 2024 01:58 PM



These standards have been published by the Kansas Department of Corrections' Juvenile Services Division of  for use by administrative counties to develop local policy and procedures which will direct the actions of local employees in the supervision of youth in Kansas. Communities are to implement these local policies and procedures and train their employees by January 1, 2007.

Below are listed the Community Supervision Standards (CSS) for Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation and Community Case Management programs. The CSS are the minimum standards that are intended to help guide the development of local community supervision agencies Policy and Procedure manuals.

To access the following standards on Power DMS, please use the following Link:


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Administration

Chapter 2: Staff

Chapter 3: Documentation, Reporting & Records

Chapter 4: Supervision

Chapter 5: Education and Employment



Juvenile Intake and Assessment System Standards (JIAS)

IIP (Immediate Intervention Program)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Administration Chapter

Chapter 2:  Staff Chapter

Chapter 3:  Documentation, Reporting and Records Chapter

Chapter 4:  Operations Chapter

Supervision Standards: Forms | Glossary

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