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KDOC Healthcare Checkup2024 Part 3

by David Thompson last modified Feb 08, 2024 08:16 AM
An in-depth look at the healthcare of KDOC residents highlight the people, processes, and programs. In Part 3, two nurses and an activities specialist exude professionalism as they put the health of patients first and foremost. We're grateful for these three and all of our healthcare professionals who we consider as unsung heroes.

We close out our 3-part series looking at the healthcare of residents within KDOC. In part 3, we highlight and salute the work of two nurses and an activities therapist who epitomize what it is to respect the patients within our facilities while preserving their dignity. Like the outside world, patients are placed in positions of vulnerability as they are prodded and questioned about personal details of their body functions by people they don’t know, and who really don’t know them. Yet, healthcare professionals within KDOC exude a professionalism that puts the overall health of the patient first and foremost. Narrated by Jennifer Brunenn, KDOC Education Coordinator

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