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KDOC Moving Residents into Newly Reconstructed LCF

by Rebecca Witte last modified Apr 22, 2020 04:19 PM
Beginning April 21, medium and maximum custody residents at Lansing Correctional Facility (LCF) began the move to the newly reconstructed buildings.

Over the past several week, the Kansas Department of Corrections has been preparing to implement the next phase of our response at LCF. Work on a reconstructed facility, replacing the 1860s, Civil War era housing units at the facility was recently completed. Since that completion staff have been testing equipment, conducting searches to clear any remaining construction debris or tools that would pose a safety risk, providing some training on operating the new systems and stocking supplies on the units. In the last two weeks, as that work has progressed, LCF has been able to use a couple of the units as part of the agency's COVID-19 response and beginning yesterday, began the move of all LCF residents into the new units/pods. 

The new medium/maximum units consist of 15 separate 128-person living units. This will allow for our residents to be kept in smaller cohorts, as advised by KDHE, rather than the dormitory-style housing used previously for some residents. The new buildings feature enhanced security systems, improved lighting, reduced double bunking and modern air handling systems that will reduce the risk that the virus will circulate. The new buildings and new surfaces will also be easier to keep clean. Residents from one unit will not be intermingling with other units, and due to the lockdown, meals are being delivered to the units so none of those men will be visiting the chow hall either.

Minimum-custody residents moved into their new facility in January, but some the coronavirus pandemic cause some delays to the medium/maximum buildings. The minimum-custody building will house 512 residents and the medium/maximum building will house 1,920 residents. The move will take about three weeks to complete. 

For photos of the new facility, visit:

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