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National Crime Victims' Rights Week - Day 4

by Kimberly_Marotta — last modified Jul 07, 2015 02:26 PM
Fact about Homicide:

During 2010, an estimated 14,748 persons were murdered nationwide, about one person every 36 minutes. Of those victims, 77 percent were male and 23 percent were female. A firearm was used in 68% of the homicides in which the type of weapon was specified.  When the age and sex of the perpetrator were known, homicide offenders were most often males (ratio of 10 to 1) and adults (ratio of 9 to 1). In 2010, 32 percent of homicide victims were white, 38 percent were black, and 30 percent were classified as “other” or “unknown.” Homicide was generally of the same race (intraracial): white offenders murdered 82 percent of white victims, and black offenders murdered 96 percent of black victims. (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011, Crime in the United States)

 In Kansas in 2010, there were 105 reported murders. (2010 Crime Index report KBI)


Resources for Information and Assistance Directory of Crime Victim Services Office for Victims of Crime Office of Justice Programs U.S. Department of Justice National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children 1–888–818–POMC or 1–888–818–7662 Mothers Against Drunk Driving 1–800–GET–MADD or 1–800–438–6233 National Center for Victims of Crime 202–467–8700 The Compassionate Friends 1–877–969–0010 Concerns of Police Survivors 1–800–784–2677

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