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Travel Reimbursement Program

by Kimberly_Marotta — last modified Jul 03, 2018 04:19 PM
This program is eligible to registered victims who travel 20 or more total miles to attend a Public Comment Session.

As a victim, you are eligible to apply for mileage reimbursement when you attend a Public Comment Session.  To be eligible, you must be registered with the Office of Victim Services (OVS) and have traveled at least 20 miles round trip to attend the session.  The grant is designed to increase the ability of crime victims to participate in Public Comment Sessions by providing participants a single reimbursement of expenses up to $500 which will cover the least expensive mode of travel – vehicle, air, or rail – and one night lodging in a KDOC direct bill hotel if you have traveled 450 miles or more.  You may apply for reimbursement for any one of the three Public Comment Sessions offered that month.  Only mileage distance traveled within Kansas or a bordering state will be covered at the current Kansas Department of Administration Travel Program rate which is $.535 per mile.  The grant allows for one applicant per carload to apply so if you traveled as a group and you drove, please consider submitting an application.  Airfare or rail travel within the continental US will be covered up to the amount of mileage it is in lieu of.

To apply for funds under this program, please complete the Victim Mileage Reimbursement Request you received in your packet notifying you about the session. You may also request a form at the session and submit the form to the Victim Service liaison present. Reimbursement checks will be mailed approximately one month after the session. 

The information on the Reimbursement Request form, as with all victim information, is confidential.  

If you have other questions about this program, please call Victim Notification Coordinator Kristin Finlay at (785) 296-3333 or our toll-free number (866) 404-6732. 

This grant project is funded or partially funded by the Federal Victims of Crime Act, awarded by the federal Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs of the U.S. Department of Justice as administered by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.  The opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication, program or exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Kansas Governor or the U.S. Department of Justice.

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