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Public Comment Session Advocacy

by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jan 12, 2023 01:11 PM

Public Comment Sessions offer victims and survivors an opportunity to speak with the paroling authority prior to an inmate's parole suitability hearing.  The Office of Victim Services has advocates at each of the three public comment sessions offered monthly to assist individuals through this process. The dates, times and locations of the public comment sessions will be provided to victims by the Kansas Department of Corrections. If you prefer to submit a written statement, you may do so using this form or online.  The Prisoner Review Board can also be contacted via telephone for verbal comment submission at: (785) 296-3469.  Our staff can assist during this process with:

  • Registration to speak at the Public Comment Session
  • Support before/during/after a Public Comment Session
  • Coaching on how to provide an effective statement
  • Advocacy for requesting special conditions if parole is granted
  • Assistance in preparing for a possible release 

The Office of Victim Services offers mileage reimbursement for victims/survivors who are traveling 20 or more miles to/from a Public Comment Session from anywhere within the state of Kansas or from any bordering state or airfare in lieu of mileage for longer distances. For more information about our mileage reimbursement program, you may call (785) 296-3333 or click here

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