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Contact Information

by Hannah K Burrell last modified Jun 01, 2020 09:25 AM

Toll-Free Hotline (866) 404-6732

Kansas Department of Corrections

Office of Victim Services

714 SW Jackson, Suite 300 
Topeka, KS 66603

If you are unsure of who to contact, please call the toll free hotline for the most timely referral to the appropriate member of the Victim Service staff. Thank you.

Audrey Cress, Victim Services Director

Central Office
(785) 224-8773

Camie Borsdorf, Victim Services Deputy Director

Wichita Parole Office
(316) 613-7263

Laura Farmer, Victim Services Liaison Supervisor

Supervises Northern Parole Victim Services Liaisons and Topeka Correctional Facility Liaison

Topeka Parole Office
(785) 580-5777

Shelly Turner, Facility Liaison Supervisor

Covers Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility and Norton Correctional Facility

Supervises Facility Liaisons for all male KDOC facilities

Wichita Parole office

(620) 202-3120

Janet Good, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator

Central Office
(785) 506-4193

Restorative Justice Coordinator


Amy Kirk, Victim Services Liaison

Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Ellsworth Correctional Facility
(785) 250-7419

Melissa Erwin, Victim Services Liaison II

Northern Parole Region
(913) 302-1849

Denise Haugen, Victim Services Liaison

Lansing Correctional Facility
(913) 727-3235 Ext. 57954

Sarah Kowalewski, Victim Services Liaison

Topeka Correctional Facility
(620) 202-3120

Candace Hansen, Victim Services Liaison

Rural Southern Parole Region
(316) 613-7200

Jeri' Greer, Batterer Intervention Program Liaison II

Southern Parole Region
(316) 243-8471

Molly Turner, Victim Notification Coordinator
Independence Office
(785) 289-7998

Allison Basinger, Batterer Intervention Program Provider
Olathe Parole Office and Kansas City Parole Office
(913) 787-3821

Danielle Thompson, Batterer Intervention Program Coordinator

Lansing Correctional Facility
(785) 213-9116

Hannah Burrell, Administrative Victim Notification Coordinator

Central Office 
(785) 296-3333

Melissa York, Batterer Intervention Program Provider

Wichita Parole Office and Hutchinson Parole Office
(620) 200-7013

Rachel Schmanke, Victim services Liaison 

Northern Parole Region
(785) 250-6272

Bobbie Alley, Victim Services Liaison

Wichita Parole Office
(316) 613-7205

Brian Heiman, Batterer Intervention Program Provider

Wichita Parole Office and Hutchinson Parole Office


Katlyn Cleaver, Victim Services Liaison

Northern Parole Region

(913) 774-1384

Kristin Finlay, Victim Notification Coordinator- Reception and Diagnostic Unit

Topeka Parole Office

(785) 746-7431

Rhiannon Coates, Victim Services Liaison

Northern Parole Region

(913) 207-8238

Maddison Payne, Batterer Intervention, Assessment Coordinator

Southern Parole Region

(785) 213-9271

Mattee Powers, Victim Services Liaison

El Dorado Correctional Facility

(316) 321-7284 X22494

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