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Victim Services

by David Cook last modified May 18, 2016 03:03 PM
Victim / Witness Notification and Victim Services



The Office of Victim Services is victim-focused and safety-focused. We began with the basic service of victim notification and have expanded to provide a network of services that attempt to lessen the impact on crime victims as much as possible. Crime victims do not have control over the victimization that another person has chosen to perpetrate and victims/survivors deserve to be heard. Giving victims/survivors a voice in the system and increasing their safety is our focus.

As advocates for victims and for the success of offenders, we continue to support the risk-reduction focused system that the Department of Corrections has created. When considering the safety of crime victims and the public in general, simply containing and then releasing offenders without addressing the roots of the criminal behavior is not the safest option. Risk reduction seeks to reduce the likelihood of negative behavior regardless of the environment. Victim safety is a central and primary factor to the work of reducing offender risk and victim’s voices in the process are imperative. We strive to bring balance to the system.

If there is a topic or service that you would like to know more about, please let us know.

Office of Victim Services, KDOC


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