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Parole Services

by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jul 14, 2021 04:41 PM
For the the KDOC's Parole Services Automated Reporting System, call toll free: (866) 570-7225.



Parole Services  

This division supervises offenders released from Kansas correctional facilities on parole, post-release supervision or conditional release. This division also manages offenders released from other states and who are on probation or parole and for whom Kansas has accepted for Interstate Compact supervision.

In FY 2012, 5,848 offenders were under supervision in Kansas including 4,140 Kansas cases and 1,708 out-of-state compact cases. To assist these offenders with returning to their communities as law-abiding citizens, parole services employs a community-based, case management model.

Kansas is divided into two regions, northern and southern, with parole offices operating in 20 communities. A parole director, who reports to the Deputy Secretary of Community and Field Services, oversees each region.

An offender's level of supervision and case management are determined through the use of classification tools such as the Level of Services Inventory - Revised (LSIR). Classification assessments also assist in determining an offender's programming needs and resource referrals.

During supervision, offenders may encounter reintegration difficulites or lifestyle issues which are addressed through post-release case managment. Common challenges are housing, transportation and substance abuse issues.

When violations of supervision conditions occur, parole officers utilize interventions and make referrals to needed resources. Serious violations that represent public safety risks result in the offender being returned to a correctional facility.

Offenders serving determinate sentences generally serve 90 to 180 days upon revocation, as determined by state statute.

Offenders serving indeterminate sentences serve a period of time that is established by the Kansas Prisoner Review Board.

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