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Spiritual Life Center (SLC)

by cherylca last modified May 15, 2023 12:54 PM
Preparing for Life

Many residents have multiple addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs, weak problem-solving and self-management skills, poor parenting skills, and low self-esteem. Residents have also typically established poor priorities in life and are involved in dysfunctional relationships. Faith communities can play a significant role in the lives of residents by providing hope, compassion, and helping them to understand and internalize ultimate issues. The SLC provides opportunities for residents from diverse faiths to develop and restore relationships with God, their families, communities and crime victims.

Why a Spiritual Life Center is needed and the benefits it offers:
ECF has constructed a freestanding Spiritual Life Center (SLC) with approximately 9,167 square feet of floor space. The design incorporates six classrooms, an audio/video/book library, two chaplain offices and a sanctuary that accommodates up to 300 people. The project was accomplished through the efforts of volunteers and facility staff using resident labor. Funding has come exclusively from donations received from individuals, corporations and grants from private foundations. Other funding has come through the residents who have sold craft items, made Jaycee's donations and made tithes.

Current and Planned Religious Programming
Chaplaincy Services are designed to assist inmates affiliated with all recognized faith groups/denominations to achieve individual spiritual growth. Inmates are afforded opportunities to participate in their primary worship service and any special services/activities open to the general population. Various counseling services are also available including individual, marriage, parenting, crisis, grieving and spiritual counseling.

The SLC also provides space to expand support group activities such as Jaycees, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, Master Life, Experiencing God and Making Peace With Your Past. 

Utilization of Donations & Volunteer Services

  • Classroom Curriculum & Books: Funding and volunteers are needed for classes with subjects on: spiritual growth, parenting, marriage, life skills,  self-help, grief and addiction recovery.
  • Building & Equipment Updates: Funding continues to be needed to update the building, furniture and electronic equipment used to provide classes and programming.
  • Library Updates: Monetary and material donations help keep the library inventory current with newly released books, videos and audio tapes.   
  • Transportation Costs: Funding is needed for costs associated with transporting minimum-custody residents for drama, music and testimony presentations in churches, schools and other community venues. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact the chaplaincy department at the phone number below.
  • Concerts & Seminars:  Funding and volunteers are needed to enlist quality outside groups to minister inside the prison.
  • Craft/Gift Shop Materials:  Donations of cloth, wood, limestone rock and tools are needed for the residents to manufacture crafts for Tender Thoughts Gift Shop.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please send to:

ECF Spiritual Life Center Fund
c/o Chaplaincy
P.O. Box 107
Ellsworth, KS  67439

All donations are tax deductible per Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 170.


Return completed Service Application form to Chaplains Dale Bailey or Dan Vallier.









   City, State, Zip



   Home Phone                                                              Work Phone

For more information, contact:
Dale Bailey & Dan Vallier, Chaplains
Ellsworth Correctional Facility
PO Box 107
1607 State Street
Ellsworth, KS  67439

Telephone:  (785) 472-5501

x46214 (Dale Bailey, Chaplain)
E-mail: Dale Bailey 

X46213 (Dan Vallier, Chaplain)
E-mail: Dan Vallier

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