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by cherylca last modified Aug 31, 2023 02:27 PM
What is the process to mail a letter to a resident?

All residents may send and receive mail. Residents may receive letters, post cards, photographs and non-musical greeting cards. Please note that all letters are subject to being read and to inspection for illegal or unauthorized items.

How do I know where to address a letter?
A resident’s location can be found through the Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository (KASPER) through the KDOC’s website at Once you have identified the facility where the resident is housed, look up the correctional facility mailing addresse here.

How do I address a letter?
Click here to see an example of how to address a letter.

Can I send stamps to a resident?
No. Residents may not receive stamps through the mail. Stamps, envelopes and paper can be purchased through the facility’s canteen, a store through which residents are provided an opportunity to purchase allowable items.

Can I send a magazine or book?
Yes, but the items must be mailed directly from the publisher or vendor. Once the item leaves the store, you will not be able to mail it to the correctional facility. Many people find that websites, like, are a good way to purchase the books and have them mailed directly to the resident. If you purchase a book at a bookstore, ask the bookstore to mail it to the resident. Books may be either paperback or hard cover. Magazines and newspaper subscriptions are also an option.

However, a resident may receive printed material, including newspaper and magazine clippings, if the material is included as part of a first-class letter that does not exceed one ounce in total weight.

Each resident is allowed to have 12 books and 10 magazines in their cell. When a resident reaches the limit, the resident must remove items to allow more to be sent in. A resident can mail them home, donate the materials to charity or throw them away.

The correctional facility will review the reading materials and will censor materials that are determined to be a security threat, are of a sexually explicit nature or contain nudity. The facility will not allow role playing games or books related to those games.

The decision made by the staff of the designated facility may be appealed by a resident to the Secretary of Corrections or, at the direction of the Secretary, to the Secretary’s designee.

Can I send photographs?
Yes. Residents are allowed to keep up to 10 personal letters and 50 photographs (8X10 or smaller). Polaroid photographs are not allowed.

Why was my letter returned as containing sexually explicit content?
No resident may possess any sexually explicit materials, including drawings, paintings, writing, pictures, items and devices. The material is considered sexually explicit if the purpose of the material is sexual arousal or gratification and the material meets either of the following conditions:

  1. Contains nudity or
  2. Contains any display, actual or simulated, or description of sexual intercourse.

Why was my mail returned to me as censored?
When mail is censored or rejected, the sender, if known, is notified of the reason for the action and provided with an opportunity to appeal the decision.

Some common reasons why mail is withheld are:

  • Does not include full name and address of sender.
  • Homemade cards with stickers or other items glued to the paper.
  • Laminated cards.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Inappropriate photographs such as:
    • Photographs with nudity, guns, alcohol or gang signs.
  • Correspondence between offenders.
  • Correspondence through a third party.
  • Sexually explicit language or other inappropriate content.
  • Promotes illegal activity.

What if I don't want to have contact with an inmate?
If a resident contacts you and you do not want contact with him/her, the facility can issue an “Order to Cease Correspondence” to the resident. If you have safety concerns or are a victim of the resident, please contact the Office of Victim Services at 1-866-404-6732.

For more information about resident mail, please review Kansas Administrative Regulation (K.A.R.) 44-12-601, Inmate Writing and Other Inmate Communications or Publications. Also, Internal Management Policy and Procedure (IMPP) 12-120 Secuirty and Control: Control of Inmate Personal Property provides additional information.


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