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by cherylca last modified Feb 23, 2021 04:23 PM
Do inmates have access to a telephone?

Yes. Inmates are permitted telephone privileges to place collect or prepaid telephone calls. Inmates cannot receive calls.

Inmates have access to coinless telephones at various times throughout the day during yard periods. Each living unit also has specified periods when inmates are allowed to make phone calls during the evening hours. Inmates may establish a telephone list of up to twenty individual phone numbers that they wish to call. They may add or delete numbers on this list only during their 120-day review. Inmate phones, with the exception of conversations with attorneys, are subject to monitoring.

How do I establish an account to telephone an inmate?
The process begins with the inmate who must submit a form at the correctional facility with the numbers the inmate would like to call. The inmate must submit the following information:

    1. The area code and telephone number;
    2. The complete name of the person to be called;
    3. The complete address of the person to be called; and,
    4. The relationship of the person to be called to the inmate.

Every new number must be verified and activated before the inmate is allowed to call. Numbers with missing information will not be entered into the telephone calling service computer system.

Friends and family may establish accounts by contacting the inmate telephone service provider, ICS Corrections, Inc., to establish a pre-paid account at 1-888-506-8407 or accounts may be set up online at no cost at ICS Corrections, Inc.

Inmates cannot call cell phones unless a pre-paid account is established. This may be done by the family by calling ICS at 1-888-506-8407 to set up a pre-paid collect account for their cell phone. Please call 1-888-506-8407 for other phone questions (i.e., accidental blocks, etc.,).

Chain dialing, 3-way calling, call forwarding, and/or dialing extra digits is not permitted.

Can I provide a calling card?
No. Calling cards are not part of the contract with the inmate telephone service provider.

How can I reach an inmate in an emergency?
In the event of a verifiable emergency, such as a serious illness or death in the family, you may call the facility. During regular business hours, you will be forwarded to the inmate counselor’s office where you can relay the emergency message, and the counselor will speak with the inmate. After hours or on weekends and holidays, verified emergencies will be passed on to the inmate at the earliest possible time.

How do I get my telephone number removed from an inmate’s call list?
Please contact the correctional facility where the inmate is currently housed and report that you would like your number removed. If you are receiving threatening calls from an inmate, please contact the correctional facility and report the calls.

Can I be on an inmate’s call or visiting list if I once worked for the KDOC?
Former employees, former volunteers and former contract workers cannot be added to an inmate’s phone or visiting list within two years of the severance of the individual’s relationship with a correctional facility. Approval of visits after two years is at the discretion of the Warden.

If you need additional information on the inmate telephone process including how to establish an account, please visit the Inmate Communications section and/or review Internal Management Policy and Procedure (IMPP) 10-111 Programs and Services: Inmate Access to Facility and Coinless Telephones.


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