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Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board

by cherylca last modified Jul 11, 2013 03:59 PM

The State of Kansas is comprised of 31 judicial districts. In compliance with state statute each judicial district has a Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board (JCAB) which consists of 12 or more members who represent law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, education, corrections, ethnic minorities, social services and the general public.

The function of each JCAB is to develop a local comprehensive plan to address the concerns that are impacting the youth within the community. The JCAB must then obtain approval of the comprehensive plan from the Board of County Commissioners. Once that is done and the comprehensive plan is implemented the JCAB acts as the oversight committee for the community to ensure that the comprehensive plan remains at its peak of effectiveness. To do this the JCAB's meet regularly to continuously go through a process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the comprehensive plan in order to make modifications and to ensure maximum effectiveness with the funds available. Their efforts make a substantial impact on the efficiency of the entire juvenile justice system in the Kansas.


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