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Midwest Innocence Project

by Nancy Burghart last modified Aug 28, 2023 12:57 PM

Who They Are - (Per the MIP home page-see attached link below) "We represent individuals convicted of crimes they did not commit, work to bring them home, support them upon re-entry, and change the system to prevent wrongful convictions in the first place. We are an independent innocence organization that is a part of the national Innocence Network. Our partnerships with law firms, law schools, and volunteers allow us to provide the very best representation at no cost to innocent people within our region." *MIP Only Accepts Cases in which the Applicant: - Is claiming actual innocence, in other words, that he/she did not participate in the crime - Was convicted in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska or Arkansas - Is currently incarcerated and has more than 10 years left to serve on his/her sentence - Has exhausted their appeals and is not currently represented by an attorney **Please note that the Kansas Prisoner Review Board is not affiliated with the Midwest Innocence Project. This information is being provided as an additional resource to assist in the clemency process when applicable.

Link to the Midwest Innocence Project

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