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Visitation and Family Reintegration

by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jan 12, 2023 01:13 PM
If you are a victim or survivor and are interested in visitation with an inmate, please contact a facility-based liaison to initiate visitation.

Visitation can be different at every prison facility.  The types of visitation allowed, days and hours of visitation, the level of security offered during visitation and the type of room in which visitation occurs can vary from prison to prison.  If you are a victim who is interested in visitation, please complete the application posted below and contact Victim Services for further assistance on our toll-free line at (866) 404-6732 or e-mail.

EDCF Visitation Information

ECF Visitation Information

HCF Visitation Information

LCF Visitation Information

LCMHF Visitation Information

NCF Visitation Information

TCF Visitation Information

WCF Visitation Information

WWRF Visitation Information not available at this time

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