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Special Visits

by cherylca — last modified Jan 08, 2014 10:52 AM
Guidelines for Requesting

Special visits are those conducted outside the parameters of the established visit program.

Circumstances under which special visits may be granted include, but shall not be limited to:

  • when a visitor has traveled a distance in excess of 150 miles one way

  • where the inmate receives infrequent family visits, less than two per quarter year; and

  • where other correctional goals or rehabilitation needs of the inmate indicate the need for special visiting privileges

All requests for special visits must be initiated 72 hours in advance by the inmate through his unit team via a Form 9. The unit team will answer the Form 9 with an approval or disapproval 24 hours prior to the scheduled visit.

The inmate's respective unit team will investigate the request, and evaluate the need for special visiting privileges.

The Inmate requesting special visiting for religious purposes and pre-marital counseling must submit a Form 9 directly to the chaplain for an approval or disapproval.

Special visits previously approved by the unit team may only be disapproved by the Warden, one of the Deputy Wardens or the shift captain.

A record of all approved and disapproved special visits will be maintained in the inmate's unit team file.

In addition to special visits, the visiting room's officer in charge may grant a courtesy visit when, in his or her judgment, the granting of said visit would be in accordance with the visiting philosophy of the Kansas Department of Corrections and Lansing Correctional Facility. Normally a visitor will have to have traveled a distance of 150 miles or more to be considered for a courtesy visit.

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