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Denial of Visits or Access

by Cheryl Cadue last modified Nov 06, 2014 10:55 AM
NCF General Order 16-101, Attachment B, Effective 03-22-10

NCF Denial of Visits or Access


The Unit Team Manager or Shift Supervisor may terminate or deny visitation for:

a. reasonable belief that a visitor is under influence of alcohol or drugs;
b. lack of space - (after appropriate attempts to accommodate each inmate visit have been exhausted);
c. refusal to submit to search authorized by IMPP 12-115;
d. failure to produce sufficient ID or falsifying visitor application information;
e. failure to comply with any rule, regulation, policy or procedure governing visitation;
f.  failure to properly supervise children;
g. for excessive physical contact or disruption to other visitors;
h. reasonable belief that a visitor has introduced or attempted to introduce contraband into the facility.


TheUnit TeamManager or Shift Supervisor may terminate or deny a visit if an inmate's current mental or emotional state may cause a threat to secure facility operations or cause disruption to the visiting environment if a visit occurs.


The Shift Supervisor shall submit a written report to the Warden on any decision to deny a visitor access to the facility, relocate a visit to a non-contact visiting booth or terminate a visit, prior to the end of the shift.


The Warden and/or Deputy Warden may suspend visiting privileges in accordance with KAR 44-7-104 and IMPP 10-113.  The Warden shall determine the length of any suspension in accordance with KAR 44-7-104.


The Warden may deny access to any person requesting authorization to visit an inmate at the facility.

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