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Overview and Instructions for Written Comments

by CJ Perez last modified Aug 03, 2020 04:31 PM

The Prisoner Review Board conducts monthly Public Comment Sessions in the cities of Derby, Topeka and Kansas City.  These sessions provide an opportunity to allow victims, family, public officials, community members, and other interested persons to express their support, opposition, concern, or comments regarding the potential parole of offenders who are scheduled for parole hearings the following month.

In addition to the Board members, a representative from the KDOC Office of Victim Services will be in attendance at each session to provide instructions and assistance. 

Notice of the Public Comment Sessions and a list of parole eligible offenders are posted at: Public Comment Sessions.  Public officials including District Attorneys, Victim/Witness Coordinators and other related correctional agencies across the State also receive notice of Public Comment Sessions.  Victims registered through the Department of Corrections Office of Victim Services will receive direct and confidential notification of these sessions (K.S.A. 74-7335). 

Instructions for completing a written comment form

Please use the offender's name, number and facility if known.  On the relationship line, please note your association to the offender.  Use the comment lines to provide the Board information not already included in the offender's file.  The Board will have information available on institutional adjustment and programs, therefore you will not need to cover these areas unless you have additional information.

Commenting in opposition of parole:

  • Please discuss the present physical, psychological, emotional and/or financial impact of the offenders actions against you, your family member and/or your friend.
  • State any special conditions you would like the Board to consider in the event that the offender is granted parole.

Commenting in support of parole:

  • Please list specific ways in which you can provide assistance to the offender in the community if parole is granted (i.e. residence, job, transportation).
  • Discuss changes you have observed in the offender.
  • Note any of the offender's potential risk areas or concerns.

The Public Comment Form is provided in portable document format (.pdf) to allow you the option to download, print, fax, mail or e-mail your comments to the Prisoner Review Board. 

The Online Public Comment Form may be used to electronically send your comments to the Prisoner Review Board.

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