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by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jul 14, 2021 11:38 AM
All cell phone and tobacco products are prohibited. These items must be secured in your vehicle before entering a correctional facility.

Bringing contraband in to a correctional facility can have serious consequences. To ensure the safety of visitors, staff and inmates, the items that can be brought in are severely restricted.

Traffic in contraband in a penal institution is a severity level 5 or 6, non-person felony. Traffic in contraband is defined as introducing or attempting to introduce anything not specifically allowed by the Warden of the facility. Contraband includes drugs, needles, weapons, explosives, intoxicating beverages, currency, written communication, cell phones, and more. KDOC correctional facilities do not allow tobacco and tobacco-related items such as lighters, matches, smokeless tobacco, etc.

Anyone attempting to bring in contraband of any type into a KDOC correctional facility will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Every person entering correctional facility grounds is subject to search. Every visitor may be required to clear both a metal detector and a parcel x-ray machine search. Any visitor who is unable to clear a walk-through metal detector after three attempts, will be subject to a search using a hand-held device. Any visitor who then is unable to clear the hand held metal detector will not be allowed to visit that day. Even though a visitor clears the metal detector and parcel x-ray machine search, the visitor may still be requested to submit to a pat down search and/or a strip search if reasonable suspicion is present that the visitor is in the possession of contraband.

Trained detection dogs also may be used, based on a random schedule determined by the Warden or designee, to screen and/or search any area of the facility, any person attempting to enter into a facility and vehicles entering into or parked on the facility grounds.

If you refuse a search, you may not visit that day and will also lose your visiting privileges. If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to clear through the metal detector, you will need to bring a letter from your doctor documenting your condition. 


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