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by Nancy Burghart — last modified Jul 14, 2021 11:52 AM

The KDOC provides comprehensive health care through private companies under contract with the KDOC. Routine sick calls are conducted five days a week and each facility provides 24-hour emergency medical, dental and mental health care for inmates. This includes on-site emergency first aid and crisis intervention, use of designated hospital room or appropriate health facilities, emergency on-call physician, dentist and mental health professional services when the emergency health facility is not located nearby. Each facility also provides for mental health services and routine dental examinations and treatment services.

What medical and mental health services are available?
Each facility provides a physician on site. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants also are available. Non-essential medical services and procedures, including elective surgery, will not be routinely provided to inmates. Access to mental health services is determined based upon assessments. 

What dental services are available?
Routine dental examinations and treatment services are provided to each inmate under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist. Arrangements for consultation with dental specialists and emergency dental services are made by the facility dentist and approved by the Departmental Health Authority. Elective procedures and dental prostheses will not be routinely provided. The preventive benefits of fluorides may be made available to inmates in the form and amount determined appropriate to the individual by the dentist. Dental procedures considered elective and not routinely offered will include, but are not limited to:

    1. Precious metal work;
    2. Long-range periodontics; and,
    3. Orthodontics

Can I find out about an inmate’s health status?
All medical and mental health records are confidential and handled in accordance with state and federal statutes and regulations regarding confidentiality and privacy. The release of confidential medical and mental health care information requires documented consent. An authorization for release of medical information is available in IMPP 5-107 Information Technology and Records: Confidentiality/Release of Medical and Mental Health Information, Attachment A.

 How does an inmate see a doctor?
An inmate must complete a sick call slip and will be charged a $2 fee for the initial visit. If the inmate needs to be seen for a follow-up visit or has been determined to have a chronic illness, the inmate will not be charged the $2 fee. If an inmate has a chronic illness and the symptoms are not related to the chronic illness, there will be a $2 charge. 

Will someone notify me of an inmate’s medical emergency?
Assigned facility staff will notify the emergency contact designated by the inmate in the event of serious illness or injury affecting the inmate, which requires hospitalization, or in the event of the inmate's death. 


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